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    I'm here to make your life easier…

    Landlords who come to me, come for quality of service.

    Your investment property should be making money for you, not work and we clearly understand that we are not just managing your property but we are managing your investment. The legislation and obligations as a landlord can be quite demanding so the smart way is to appoint a property manager who will take the stress out of it and allow you to reap the rewards of your investment portfolio.

    I focus on managing rental properties and the relationships between landlords and tenants. My job is to help keep your investment property hassle free while you enjoy the maximum returns.

    I aim to make your life as a landlord easy and enjoyable.

    My Service

    This can be tailored to your needs but as a general rule will include the following:

    • Marketing your property to tenants on a number of websites
    • Interviewing and screening tenants
    • 100 Points of ID to confirm the identity of a tenant
    • A tenant history check through TICA (Tenancy Information Centre of Australia)
    • Credit and Reference checks
    • Extensive character reference checks for the tenants who have never rented or who have rented through a private landlord
    • Bond Lodgement with the RTA (Residential Tenancy Authority)
    • Rent collection and payment to your account
    • Inspections before, during and after a tenancy
    • Finding new tenants
    • Rent reviews conducted mid yearly
    • Notices issued when tenancies are in breach
    • Postage and Petties
    • Maintaining correct property records and reports
    • Arranging Repairs and Maintenance as required
    • Recommend Preventative Maintenance and Improvements to your Investment Property to maintain Maximum Earnings
    • End of year financial statements
    • Addressing damage issues and ensuring documentation and evidence is collected in event of Tribunal issues
    • Residential Sales should you decide to sell your investment property
    • Application submitted to landlord for approval. As the property owner, you should have the final decision
    • Mediation and Tribunal issues should they arise, will be invoiced separately and accordingly.

    I would like to ensure you that I enjoy the experience and look to provide an excellent service always maintaining clear and regular communication. My aim is to build and establish life time relationships with my landlords that will create confidence in your repeat business so remember I am here to serve you!