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    What is my house worth?

    This question is probably the single most popular question that I get asked. The actual (or true) value of your home will not be known until the day the cheque is cashed, after the sale is completed.

    My role is to provide you with accurate information and an indication of what I believe it is worth. Like any valuation a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) assumes that I have all the correct information supplied on your property, the property is marketed well, presented in the best possible light with good time frames and that I have a willing buyer and a willing seller.

    I will give you an accurate and honest appraisal. I don't condone agents over pricing or giving potential vendors false hope. Be aware that this technique can be used by some agents elsewhere to get your business. This often leads to disappointment when they come back a few weeks later with a suggestion that your price is too high.

    My approach is price it right the first time and a quick sale is a good sale. Often the first offer you get can be the best. Either way I want the best result for you so be assured I’ll listen to you and work with you.

    The Marketing Campaign

    Some people believe that real estate agents already charge too much without the additional expense of marketing – but it’s important to view marketing as an investment in profits as opposed to an added cost.

    A lot of sellers believe that the best and only way to market their property is on the internet because it reaches millions, is measurable and cost effective.

    But it’s important to remember that there are other marketing avenues that will go a big way to helping you find those must-have buyers.

    These are the buyers that have been in the market for a while and will have put offers in, but missed out on other properties. These are the buyers that must-have your property and are generally prepared to pay more for your property than buyers who have just entered the market.

    Marketing your property is about casting the biggest net possible to capture as many must-have buyers as you can.

    By investing $1000 or $2000 dollars on advertising, you could potentially add $10,000 or $20,000 to the sale price of your home. Regardless of the state of the market, you still need to invest in marketing - your home will be on the market in competition, not in isolation and therefore you need to out-market your competition.

    Aside from the basic essentials like signboards and internet listings, there is also print, radio, flyers and even TV.

    Remember that a real estate agent’s job is to get you the best possible price for your house, not to just find the first person that wants to buy your house.



    My commission fee is 3% of the final sale price inclusive of GST

    Minimum commission may apply. Commission on commercial, rural & industrial property may vary however this will be disclosed on the listing agreement.